Single Membership: $29.99 p/mth plus tax

2 people: $39.99 p/mth plus tax

Family Membership: 3-4 individuals: $49.99

One time initiation fee: $12.50 until the end of August.

We go by contracts which are 3 mth,6mth,12mth or 2 yrs. If they choose to do a 3mth contract it has to be pd in full at the signing. If they do a 6mth on they pay the first month plus initiation fee plus tax. Then which ever membership they choose it is that amt p/mth plus tax. We also offer tanning which is $10 p/mth if you have a membership and $20 without. If they sign up for a year it is free tanning for the primary member. If you have anymore questions please feel free to shoot me a message.

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